College Governance

Emmanuel College is governed by the Association of Canonical Administrators, comprising the parish priests of the region.
The College is administered by the Emmanuel College Board, under delegation from the Canonical Administrators, in accordance with the Board Constitution.
Meetings of the College Board are held on a quarterly basis, as are meetings of the Finance Committee.
Elected and co-opted members of the College Board for 2019 are:
  • Ms Karen Cook
  • Ms Rose Connolly (Deputy Principal)
  • Ms Rosalie Jones (honorary member)
  • Father John Healy (Canonical Administrator)
  • Father Greg Trythall (Canonical Administrator)
  • Mr Malcolm Willetts (staff member)
  • Mr Ray Martin (parent member)
  • Ms Gayle Fava (parent member)
  • Mr Javier Arguello (parent member)
  • Ms Suzanne Gracias (parent member)
  • Mr Mario Puopolo (coopted member)
  • Mr Keith Brown (co-opted member)
  • Ms Georgia Banks (student member)
  • Mr Cooper Lofting (student member)
Ex officio members of the Board
  • Christopher Stock (Principal)
  • Chris O’Malley (Campus Leader - SPC) 
  • David Barr (Campus Leader - NDC)



St Paul's Campus

423 Blackshaws Road Altona North VIC 3025 Australia

Notre Dame Campus

2-40 Foxwood Drive Point Cook VIC 3030 Australia