Our History

St Paul's College was established in North Altona in the 1960s by the Society of Mary (the Marianists), inspired by the vision of their founder, the Blessed Joseph Chaminade.
In 2008 the new co-educational Notre Dame campus was opened at Point Cook, and the two campuses together became known as Emmanuel College. The name Emmanuel - 'God with us' - is one of the prophetic names assigned to Jesus. The College motto - 'Life to the Full' - is from John's Gospel: 'I have come that they may have life and have it to the full' (John 10:10).


History Timeline

1960 - The parishes of Altona, Williamstown, Newport, Spotswood and Kingsville combine under the direction of Archbishop Mannix to purchase eight hectares of land for a diocesan boys' high school history
history 1961 - Marianists from the United States are formally invited to handle administration of the proposed school
1963 - The name 'St Paul's College' is chosen to commemorate Pope Paul VI's accession to the papal throne history
history 1965 - St Paul's College first opens its doors to 162 Form I students
1969 - St Paul's students take part in one of the first high school computer programming courses, in conjunction with the Footscray Institute of Technology and Monash University history
history 1971 - The Chaminade Library is opened by Robert Fluker, Consul General of the United States, on March 4, and blessed by Rev. James Murray
1978 - St Paul's College joins the Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC) on May 1, commencing inter-school competition in Term 3 history
history 1979 - The 'B Block' building is opened on June 3; in 1995 it was named for the college's third headmaster, Father Daniel Winters
1980 - Our Lady's Chapel is opened and blessed on February 24 by Archbishop Frank Little history
history 1982 - The administrative block and McCoy Hall are completed and officially opened on June 18; the hall is named in honour of the college's fourth headmaster, Brother Don McCoy
1984 - The Marianists announce that all religious will withdraw from Australia within five years, and that St Paul's College will transition to lay leadership history
history 1989 - St Paul's College marks its Silver Jubilee with a reunion, concert, dinner and mass, featuring chief guest Father Daniel Winters
1995 - The Cassidy Technology Centre and expanded McCoy Hall are opened on September 1; the new building is named after Father John Cassidy, parish priest of St Mary's Williamstown 1950-1976 history
history 2000 - The St Paul's College Soccer Academy is launched
2006 - The College announces that it will open a co-educational campus in Point Cook in 2008 - the new Notre Dame Campus and existing St Paul's Campus will be known as Emmanuel College history
history 2008 - The Notre Dame campus of Emmanuel College opens with 145 Year 7 students
2010 - Stage Two of construction at Notre Dame is completed, named for 
Marie Therese Charlotte de Lamourous, 'Mother' of the Family of Mary (the lay branch of the Marianists)
history 2011 - The McMahon Language Centre is opened at the St Paul's campus, honouring Father Joe McMahon's strong support of the College for over 20 years
2012 - Stage Three of construction at Notre Dame is opened on June 8 by Prime Minister Julia Gillard; the building is later named Bordeaux, the place where the Marianist order was founded history
history 2015 - Emmanuel College celebrates 50 years of education in the Marianist tradition

St Paul's Campus

423 Blackshaws Road Altona North VIC 3025 Australia

Notre Dame Campus

2-40 Foxwood Drive Point Cook VIC 3030 Australia