Students return to school on Wednesday 2 February, 2022.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

The College aims to provide an environment of mutual encouragement and support, which fosters self-discipline and self-esteem. We value respect for the dignity God gives each person. We expect College members to treat each other with dignity, compassion and respect.

As members of the College community, students are expected to exercise appropriate self-discipline and follow established and non-negotiable College and classroom rules. Where a student does not respect their own and others’ rights and responsibilities, appropriate consequences and disciplinary measures will be applied.

This approach is to be understood and lived out within the context of the Gospel values and the ethos of a Catholic school. We aim to encourage the development of positive, humane and democratic attitudes within the whole community. We recognise the need to resolve personal and social issues in a spirit of negotiation that seeks to be mutually beneficial.