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Transition and Support

Transition and Support


Care is taken to ensure that the transition from primary to secondary school is as smooth as possible. There is a range of engagement activities for students and families commencing in March of their Grade 6 year and culminating the in their Orientation Day in December.

The year begins for Year 7s with two transition days. Day One is a ‘getting to know you’ day spent with other Year 7s in their House group and roll class where they learn about campus orientation, lockers, handbooks, timetables and joining in House activities. Day Two includes collection of laptops and familiarisation with College protocols.

Year 7s attend a three-day camp early in the term to develop new relationships with peers and staff.

Student Support

During adolescence, young people experience many challenges, but, sometimes these challenges can cause concern.

Counselling at Emmanuel College aims to address concerns in a confidential and respectful way. Friends, family and teachers are all important in the emotional wellbeing of the young person, so strengthening these support networks is an important part of the counselling process. Counselling also aims to assist the students’ problem-solving skills. These will be helpful in the immediate situation and useful for a lifetime.

The Student Support Team consists of the College Psychologist / Counsellors and Youth Worker, who work in collaboration with the Pastoral Team to provide support for students.

The service seeks to promote and enhance personal growth and wellbeing to assist students to realise their full potential – social, emotional, spiritual and academic.

Parent Connection

We aim to provide structures that support students and their families as they make the journey through adolescence to adult life beyond school.

The College Wellbeing Team comprises the Campus leader, Pastoral Leader, House Leaders, College Counsellors and the College Youth Worker. Team members provide support and education for parents. Parents are very welcome to attend Parent Information Evenings and all parents receive the College Newsletter.

Through these communiques, parents can access advice on matters such as adolescent development, cyber use and cyber safety, conflict resolution and development of social skills. Parents are always welcome to make an appointment with any member of staff to discuss matters of concern.