b'Students who graduate from Emmanuel College exemplify the qualities receivedThe learning journey of each Emmanuel student is a personal one.From the moment from a rich Marianist education.Students are provided with an integral and qualitya young person begins with us, through their school years and graduation and education, where the learner is placed at the centre, and they flourish because ofincluding their life as members of our Alumni, they are known, loved, supported and the strong relationships that are forged between teachers and students.Throughguided. We work in partnership with the parents, the first educators of their children.this student-centred approach, learning and wellbeing are equally focused uponThis ongoing relationship is crucial.In our shared endeavour, we strive alongside one because a happy child is a happy learner.In supporting our young people, we guideanother to develop resilient young people who have self-belief. them consistently to strive to be better, to pursue their personal best.The Emmanuel College motto is lived authentically in how we nurture and walk alongside our youngThe evidence of the success of Emmanuel College is in the capacity of our people so that they can have Life to the Full. graduates to make informed decisions about how they can contribute to society when they transition into adulthood.Alongside the academic programs and extra-Teachers at the College are provided with regular opportunities to hone their craft ascurricular activities that guide their future pathways, the students are encouraged educators accessing up to date professional learning, and working collaboratively toin a welcoming and safe environment where pastoral care support and the faith ensure that innovation occurs, and learning programs are the best that they can be. dimension underpin the learning aspects of each students program.In pursuing our educational goals, students and parents are asked for feedback as we are all on this journey together. It is a great privilege for all community members at Emmanuel College to be part of the journey of growth and learning, within an environment where all are welcomed.We take great pride in the expertise we show to deliver co-educational learning at the Notre Dame campus.The College facilities enhance the educational and extra-curricular programs that are provided for students.The campus itself boasts beautiful places with the various subject areas able to explore modern ways to engage learners through a variety of pedagogical approaches and learning methods. 24'