b'SCHOOL UNIFORM POLICYHatsGrooming Students are required to wear the official Emmanuel Male students are to be clean-shaven at all times. Students who do not comply with the uniform requirementsCollege cap or hat during HPE classes to ensure Students who disregard this requirement may be asked will receive a detention. This is a normal school day andadequate protection from the sun in Terms 1 & 4.to go home and return appropriately groomed. Make up, all students are required to attend school on this day.Only official Emmanuel College beanies and scarvesfake nails, nail polish, fake eye-lashes/extensions are Years 79: Correct sports uniform includingmay be worn. not permitted.College cap or hat.Hats, caps and beanies are not permitted to bePiercings and accessories Year 10-12: Students who have the sports uniform are toworn during class. Students may wear a single, simple ear-stud in the ear wear their college uniform including College cap or hat.lobe only. Other earring or sleeper styles should not be Other students should wear plain shirt/t-shirt in house- Hairstylesworn. No other piercings are permitted. Clear studs arecolours with navy or black shorts and a College cap or hat. All students are expected to be well groomed at all not permitted. ALL students are required to wear a College hat or cap.times. Hairstyles and colour should reflect a moderateThe wearing of other fashion accessories is notStudents may decorate their face and hair with temporaryand neat image befitting the look of the College uniform. appropriate. Students who choose to wear other items house colours to add to the atmosphere of the day.Hair colour should be natural-looking and one colour.of jewellery can expect to have these items confiscated Note: All hair colour must be removed by thefollowing Hair styles should be neat and tidy and worn off thefor the duration of the term.school day.face with long hair clean and tied back. Parents may choose to collect any confiscatedExcessive styles which are not acceptable includejewellery from the appropriate House Leader. Students who chose not to comply with uniform standardsdreadlocks, tails, shaved or severe undercuts or lines, will be making a choice not to be part of the school communityasymmetrical and messy styles, long fringes, andStudents who chose not to comply with uniformand therefore negate their right to attend classes. They maymohawks. When longer hair is tied back, it should bestandards will be making a choice not to be part of thebe asked to return home until the matter is rectified.gathered neatly at the back of the head, as it is not school community and therefore negate their right toappropriate for hair to be tied in a sumo-style top knot. attend classes. They may be asked to return home until Uniform Supplier If hair is not long enough to accommodate this style andthe matter is rectified.The Colleges official uniform supplier is Noone Imagewear, an appropriate haircut will be required. If clippers are Athletics Day Dress Codelocated at 54 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing.used a reasonable length must be maintained so that it They are open: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-1pm.is not excessively short. The following dress requirements will apply for AthleticsDay. House Leaders, homeroom teachers and PE staff They also operate a uniform shop at the St Pauls CampusHair accessories are restricted to school colourswill confirm that students are clear about uniform on Friday between 1.00pm and 4.00pm throughout the term.red, navy, sky blue and white. expectations during the weeks preceding Athletics Day.'