b'Anonymity to satisfy the legal obligations of the schools governing authorityParish Emmanuel College needs to be able to identify individuals with Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS) and theThe College will not disclose any personal information to the whom it interacts and to collect identifiable information aboutCatholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) school parish to facilitate religious and sacramental programs, them to facilitate the delivery of schooling to its students and its to satisfy the school service providers legal obligations. or other activities such as fundraising, without consent. educational and support services, conduct the job applicationIn some cases where the school requests personal informationMarketing and fundraising process and fulfil other obligations and processes. However, inabout a student or parent/guardian/carer, if the informationEmmanuel College treats marketing and seeking donations some limited circumstances some activities and interactions withrequested is not provided, the school may not be able to enrol orfor the future growth and development of the College as an the school may be done anonymously where practicable, whichcontinue the enrolment of the student or permit the student to takeimportant part of ensuring that the College continues to provide may include making an inquiry, complaint or providing feedback. part in a particular activity. a quality learning environment in which both students and staff Holding personal informationJob applicants and contractorsthrive. Personal information held by the school may be disclosed The Colleges approach to holding personal information is to ensureIn relation to the personal information of job applicants andto organisations that assist in the Colleges fundraising, for that it is stored securely and that access is provided only to personscontractors, the schools primary purpose of collection is to assessexample, the alumni organisation, or on occasion, external who need such access. Depending on the nature of the personaland (if successful) engage the applicant, or contractor, as the casefundraising organisations.information, it may be stored in locked rooms or cabinets (in themay be. Parents/guardians/carers, staff, contractors and other case of paper records), on secure digital devices or on the Collegemembers of the wider school community may from time to computer systems with appropriate password protection. The purposes for which the school uses the personal information oftime receive fundraising information. College publications,How will the College use the personal information you provide?job applicants and contractors include: like newsletters and magazines, which include personal The College will use personal information it collects from parents/administering the individuals employment or contract, as the caseinformation and sometimes peoples images, may be used for guardians/carers for the primary purpose of collection, and for suchmay bemarketing purposes.other secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose for insurance purposes of collection and reasonably expected or consented to, by parents/seeking donations and marketing for the schoolWho might the school disclose personal information to? guardians/carers.satisfying the schools legal obligations, for example, in relation toEmmanuel College may disclose personal information, including child protection. sensitive information, held about an individual for educational, Students and parents/guardians/carersVolunteersadministrative and support purposes. This may include to:In relation to the personal information of students and parents/ The College also obtains personal information about volunteers who school service providers which provide educational, support guardians/carers, the schools primary purpose of collection is toassist the College in its functions or conduct associated activities.and health services to the school, either at the school or enable the school to provide schooling to students enrolled at theThe purposes for which the College uses the personal information ofoff campusschool (including educational and support services for the student),volunteers includes: people providing educational support such as sports coaches, exercise its duty of care and perform necessary associated enabling the College to manage the engagement process ofvolunteers, counsellors, sports coaches and providers of administrative activities which will enable students to take part involunteers learning and assessment toolsall the activities of the school. This includes satisfying the needs of for insurance purposesthird party service providers that provide online educational parents/guardians/carers, the needs of the student and the needs satisfying the Colleges legal obligations, for example, in relation toand assessment support services, document and data of the school throughout the whole period the student is enrolled atchild protection management services, training and support services, hosting the school.to confirm their suitability and to manage their visits services, and software-as-a-service applications, such as the In particular, the purposes for which the school uses the personalIntegrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) and Google G Suite. information of students and parents/guardians/carers include: Counsellors authorised agencies and organisations to enable the school toto keep parents/guardians/carers informed about matters relatedEmmanuel College contracts with external providers to providedischarge its responsibilities, e.g. under the Australian to their childs schooling, through correspondence, newsletterscounselling and/or psychology services for some students. TheEducation Regulation 2013 (Regulation) and the Australian and magazines principal may require the counsellor and/or psychologist to informEducation Act 2013 (Cth) relating to students with a disability,day-to-day administration of the school.him or her or other teachers of any issues the principal and theincluding Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)looking after students educational, social and medical wellbeing counsellor and/or psychologist believe may be necessary for thequality assurance processes, participation in the Australianseeking donations and marketing for the schoolCollege to know for the wellbeing or development of the studentEarly Development Census (AEDC) and government audits.to satisfy the schools legal obligations to discharge its dutywho is counselled or other students at the College.of care'