b'Student Code:APPLICATION FOR ENROLMENT Family Code:NOTRE DAME CAMPUS Date Received:(Office Use only) FORM CURRENT AS OF MAY 2023 Name of Student: Student DetailsCheck ListYear level to start at Emmanuel College(Please tick the appropriate boxes to indicate completion,789101112and that documents have been included)Current School : Campus: SPC NDC Either (please tick) All sections of the enrolment form have beenCalendar Year of Entry: 20completed. First Name: The form has been signed by the student and VSN (obtain from current school): Middle Name:both parents/guardian (if applicable).A copy of the following documents must be included: Preferred Name: Birth Certificate for Australian born students Family Mailing Details:ORCurrent School: Citizenship papers and passport / traveldocuments including copy of visa for non-AustralianFamily Surname:resident or non-Australian-born students. Year Level: Baptismal Certificate for Catholic applicants ORMail to [eg Mr & Mrs Smith}: Student Mobile Number: Baptismal or Christening Certificate for applicants of Orthodox or other Christian religions. Greeting Names [eg John & Mary]: Gender: Relevant documentation in relation to your childs MaleFemaleOther learning needs where applicable.Was the student born overseas?YesNo Most recent NAPLAN results. Address: If Yes please complete the section belowMost recent school report from the school whichDate Arrived in Australia: __ /__ /____the child currently attends. A registration fee of $125.00 has been attached.Suburb/City:Date attended first Australian School: __ /__ /____Please note this fee is not refundable First Australian School Year (eg: 2001): Page 43 Must be signed and relevant boxes ticked Postcode:Privacy Family Phone Number:Please trim on dotted lineThe College collects personal information, including sensitiveVisa Number:information about students, parents or guardians before and during the course of students enrolment at the school. The primary purpose ofParish of Residence: Visa Sub Class: collecting this information is to enable the school to provide education for your child. If you require further information or a copy of the PrivacyVisa expiry date: Policy, please visit the College website. Reason for leaving current school: (please provide a copy)- If arriving in Australian prior to citizenship, please complete this section.34'