b'SCHOOLUNIFORM OPTIONSPHYSICAL EDUCATION/SPORTS UNIFORM FOR ALLUNIFORMCollege dress StudentsYears 7-10.OR Years 7-9 - Compulsory for all students.POLICY College skirt/shorts/pants, with Years 10-12 - Students studying HPE or VET Sport and White monogrammed shirtRecreation will be required to wear the College Sports (Long- or short-sleeved.) uniform for any practical classes.Socks: College Polo Top in House Colour (short- or long-sleeved.)THE COLLEGE UNIFORMGirls:Black Socks (Short ankle or knee-high.College tracksuit pants or shortsIS COMPULSORY FOR ALLNot sport socks.No branding.) College soft-shell jacketSTUDENTS FROM YEAR 7OR Black tights White socks (Short ankle or sports socks.No branding.)Boys: Grey Socks (Short ankle socks. TO 12. CORRECT UNIFORMNot sport socks.No branding.) Sports Runners with appropriate support. Fashion shoes IS TO BE WORN WHILST ATresembling runners are not acceptable. SCHOOL AS WELL AS TOBlack leather lace-up school shoes College cap or hat(Not sandals/buckled shoes or AND FROM SCHOOL.black leather runners.)College Blazer OptionalCollege Backpack College rain jacketCollege Hat/cap College rugby topCollege vestOptional itemsCollege Jumper/Cardigan College tie College rain jacketCollege scarf - red or navyCollege beaniered or navyNavy glovesBlack belt with plain buckleHair accessories are to be kept to the College colours: Red, Navy, Sky Blue or White Note: Dress/Skirt length to be no shorter than the top of the knee. Refer to uniform photos.'