b'Emergency Contact (details MUST be completed) Parent/Guardian ReflectionPlease nominate a person other than a parent who may be contacted in the event of anWhy do you want your chilld to attend the College? emergency, if parents cannot be contacted. Title: Mr Mrs Ms First Name: Middle Name:Surname:Relationship:Gender:AddressStreet:Suburb & Postcode: Parish Priests Comment (Year 7 only) Residential Guardian: YesNo The Parish Priest is most welcome to contact the Principal directly regarding this Home Phone Number: application for enrolment, or may wish to comment below.Work Phone Number:Fax:Mobile Phone Number:Do you speak a language(s) other than English at home? YesNoIfYes please list below:1. Student Reflection Why do you want to attend the College?Parish Priests signature: (Year 7 only)Date: Please trim on dotted lineStudent Signature: Date:38'