b'OCCUPATIONAL GROUPSEmmanuel College is a school which operates with the consent of the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne and is owned,operated and governed by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS).Please select the appropriate group from the following list.Group N: Unemployed for more than 12 months Qualified professionalsgenerally have a degree orOccupation Group B: Other business owners/managers, If you are not currently in paid work but have had a job higher qualifications and experience in applying thisarts/media/ sportspersons and associate professionalsin the last 12 months, or have retired in the last 12 months,knowledge to design, develop or operate complexBusiness owner/manager/professionalsplease use your last occupation to select from the list. If yousystems; identify, treat and advise on problems; Farm/business owner/manager (e.g. crop and/or livestock have not been in paid work for the last 12 months, enter Nteach others farmer/farm manager, stock and station agent, building/ into the occupation code field on the enrolment form. Health (e.g. GP or specialist, registered nurse, construction, manufacturing, mining, wholesale, import/ Occupation Group A: Elected officials, Senior executives/ dentist, pharmacist, optometrist, physiotherapist,export, transport business manager)managers,management in large business organisations,chiropractor, veterinarian, psychologist, therapy government administration and defence, and qualifiedprofessional, radiographer, podiatrist, dietician) Specialist manager (e.g. works manager, engineering/ professionals. Education (e.g. school teacher, university lecturer,production manager, sales/marketing manager, Elected officials professor, VET, special education) purchasing manager, supply/shipping manager, Mayor, parliamentarian, alderperson, trade unionLaw (e.g. judge, magistrate, barrister, coroner,customer service manager, property manager, real secretary, board member solicitor, lawyer, legal officer) estate manager, advertising, public relations manager, Social (e.g. social/welfare/community worker,human resource manager, call or contact centre Senior executives/managers, management in largemanager, human resource professionals)business organisations counsellor, minister of religion, urban/rural planner,Financial services manager (e.g. bank manager, finance/ Senior executive/manager/department head insociologist,librarian, records manager, archivist,investment/insurance broker/advisor, credit/loans officer)industry, commerce, media or other large organisations interpreter/translator) Retail sales/services manager (e.g. shop, post office, Other administrator (school principal, faculty head/Engineering (e.g. architect, surveyor, chemical/civil/caf/restaurant, club, other hospitality, real estate agency, dean, library/museum/gallery director, researchelectrical/mechanical/mining/other engineer) travel agency, betting agency, petrol station, hotel/motel/ Facility director) Science (e.g. geologist, meteorologist, metallurgist,caravan park, sports centre, theatre, cinema, gallery, car Business (e.g. chief executive, managing director,other scientist) rental, car/fleet/station manager, retail services manager)company secretary, finance director, chief accountant,Computing (e.g. IT services manager, computerArts/media/sportspersonspersonnel/industrial relations manager, research andsystems designer/manager, software engineer,Artist/writer/media (e.g. editor, journalist, writer/author, development manager) systems/applications programmer)media presenter, photographer, designer, illustrator,Media (e.g. newspaper editor, film/television/radio/Business (e.g. management consultant, businessmusician, actor, dancer, painter, potter, sculptor,stage producer/director/manager) analyst, accountant, auditor, policy analyst, actuary,proofreader, graphic designer, web designer)Government administration valuer, economist) Sports (e.g.sportsperson, coach, trainer, sports official)Please trim on dotted linePublic sector manager (e.g. public service managerAir/sea transport (e.g. aircraft pilot, flight officer,(section head or above), regional director, hospital/flying instructor, air traffic controller, ships captain/ health services education officer/pilot)Defence Forces commissioned officer46'