b'There may be circumstances where the reason for refusal is notParents/guardians/carers may seek access to personal informationComplaints provided, if doing so may breach the privacy of another person. held by the College about them or their child by contacting theIf parents/guardians/carers wish to complain that the school has Consent and rights of access to the personal informationCollege principal by telephone or in writing. However, there may beinterfered with their privacy because of an alleged breach of the of studentsoccasions when access is denied. Such occasions would includeAustralian Privacy Principles, they should contact the CollegeThe College respects every parent/guardian/carers right to makewhere release of the information would have an unreasonablePrincipal in writing at:decisions concerning their childs personal information. impact on the privacy of others, or where the release may result in aDr Janine Biggin breach of the Colleges duty of care to the student. Emmanuel College Generally, the College will refer any requests for consent andThe College may, at its discretion on the request of a student, grantPO Box 5, notices in relation to the personal information of a student to thethat student access to information held by the College about them,Altona North Vic 3025 students parents/guardians/carers. The school will treat consentor allow a student to give or withhold consent to the use of theiremail: principal@ecmelb.catholic.edu.augiven by parents/guardians/carers as consent given on behalf of thepersonal information, independently of their parents/guardians/ The College will investigate the complaint and will notify the parent/student, and notice to parents/guardians/carers will act as noticecarers. This would normally be done only when the maturity of theguardian/carer of the making of a decision in relation to the complaintgiven to the student. student and/or the students personal circumstances warrant it. as soon as is practicable after it has been made.If the parents/guardians/carers are not satisfied with the schools decision they may make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) whose contact details are:GPO Box 5218, Sydney, NSW 2001Telephone: 1300 363 992An online privacy complaint form is available fromwww.oaic.gov.au.Accessing InformationPlease indicate by ticking the appropriate box as to whetherACCEPTANCE OF TERMS OF ENROLMENT It may be necessary to access confidential information on filepermission is given. Signature of Mother/Guardianfrom your childs previous school in order to provide suitable Permission is given to Emmanuel College to use images/ support at Emmanuel College. Please indicate below by tickingname of my child as relevant in College publications_________________________________the appropriate box as to whether permission is given.Permission is not given to Emmanuel College to use images/ Date :______/______/______ Permission is given to access name of my child as relevant in College publicationsconfidential information Use of images/name on the College website Permission is not given to accessPermission is given to Emmanuel College to use images/Signature of Father/Guardianconfidential information recordings name of my child as relevant on the College_________________________________Use of images/name in College publications website/Facebook Page or other Marketing MaterialsImages of students are taken throughout the year to capture Permission is not given to Emmanuel College to use images/ Date: ______/_____/________Emmanuel College life. Some of these photographs are used inname of my child as relevant on the College website/ publications such as the Yearbook, newsletters, the calendar,Facebook Pagefundraising, advertising and promotional work.Signature of Student_________________________________Date: ______/_____/________(please tick the appropriate permission box, if neither areticked the College assumes permission has been given)'