b'Notes on wearing the uniformThe College uniform is a trans-seasonal wardrobe. On wet and cold mornings students may wear theStudents may wear EITHER the traditional summer or optional College rain jacket over the correct uniform winter uniform throughout the year; many students to and from school. Other jackets are not permitted.will continue to own a suite of uniform to suitWhen correct uniform cannot be worn for some reason,weather conditions.students should seek exemption by providing a notePE uniform may ONLY be worn on days of from their parent/guardian. Such requests shouldscheduled HPE classes. include the duration of the exemption and reason forCorrect College uniform must be worn at all times, an exemption. In these cases, students will be issuedboth at school and in public. with a Uniform Pass, which is recorded on SEQTA, for a limited time.The only acceptable outer garments are the College All students are to wear black, leather, lace-up schoolBlazer or the dress monogrammed shirt. A jumper/shoes, not black leather runners or t-bars/sandals/ cardigan may be worn under the blazer if students buckled shoes.choose this option, however the jumper/cardigan isnever to be worn as an outer garment. Note sock colours as detailed above. Short sportsThe College Blazer must be worn to and from school socks may ONLY be worn with the PE uniform.in Terms 2 and 3 and optional in Terms 1 and 4. Runners are not to be worn with the formal uniform. The College tie is optional but, if worn, must be worn For HPE, sports runners with appropriate support arewith a monogrammed shirt with the top button done up required. Fashion shoes resembling runners are notand the tie must cover the top button of the shirt. acceptable, eg, Converse. Flat-soled canvas slip-onsIf cold, students may wear undergarments or thermals are not permitted.for warmth, but these are not to be visible.No hoodies, There should be no mixing or matching of sportsor other jackets/outer garments are permitted. The uniform and formal uniform.College beanie and scarf, and navy gloves, are alsooptions for warmth.28'