b'Does the applicant have a current sibling(s) at Emmanuel College? Student Medical Details If yes, please tick and complete: SPC NDC Ambulance Subscription No:Name: Year Level: Expiry Date: Will any future siblings be seeking enrolment at the College?Yes NoMedicare Number: Expiry Date:Year Male Female Position on Card:Year Male Female Doctor/Medical Centre Name:Year Male FemaleHave you applied for a place at any other school?YesNo Doctors Address:Please state your preferred schools:1. Phone Number:2. Allergies: 3.Medical Alert:Religion of Student : (Please tick the relevant box) Please tick if there are any allergies / medical alerts, relating to the student:Catholic(Sacraments received) Asthma Baptism Communion ReconciliationConfirmationAllergies/AnaphylaxisHas Epipen Expiry date:Please include Baptism Certificate if Catholic.Epilepsy Other Christian Denomination Diabetes Other Religion Name:Haemophilia No Religious AffiliationChronesDate of Birth:Any other medical condition (please attach) Country of Birth:Nationality:Does the student speak a language(s) other than English? YesNoIfYes, please list below:Ethnic Origin 1. 2.Are there any Family Court Orders/Parenting Plans that have been issued in relation to the student? YesNo(if yes supporting documentation must be provided.)Indigenous IdentifierAboriginal \\ Torres Strait Islander:Yes No (If Yes, please tick below) AboriginalTorres Strait IslanderBoth Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander'