b'At Emmanuel College we are committed to student-centred, personalised learning through tradition. Our learning environments foster growth for all students, encompassing their individual characteristics, with a focus on their faith, emotional, social and academic capacities.Living Life to the Full Working to achieve personal bestsIn addition to the personalised and contemporary learning approaches Within all their classes, the young people of Emmanuel College are encouraged that support student growth towards their future goals, our co-curricular to achieve their personal best through a proactive and positive approach to their program also provides our students with opportunities to stretch academic endeavours. The skills developed through theirthemselves out of their comfort zones and try something different.work in Years 7 through to 10 serve to provide skills that will enable them toThese opportunities include music, sport and social justice involvement achieve success within VCE and Vocational Major programs. We take greatas well as Learning Area specific clubs for those students with a pride in the efforts of all our students and continue to celebrate the growthparticular passion! each of them makes throughout their time at Emmanuel College.Providing opportunities for allStudents at the centre of all we do The learning at Emmanuel College is personalised to ensure all have anopportunity to experience growth whilst using the individual gifts eachAs a College, our pedagogy is informed by the characteristics of Studenthas been given.Centred Learning. Student Centred Learning is a pedagogy that requiresSupported by our Inclusion Framework, staff aim to ensure that all studentsstudents to be active participants and agents of their own learning. receive the support and guidance they need to thrive. It is organised around an open-ended driving question or challenge Pathway options provide a future focussed program for our Senior students It is rigorous andteaches significant contentthat enable them to set and achieve their goals. This includes both AcademicIt requires research and inquiry to learn and Vocational options as well as the ability to combine both to bestIt develops students enterprise skills: critical thinking, problem solving,support the student. collaboration, written and oral communication, creativity, digital literacy It allows for student voice and choice It incorporates feedback and reflection26'