b'Associate professionalsgenerally have diploma/technicalAdvanced/intermediate clerial, office, sales, carer Sales, office, hospitality and other assistantsqualifications and provide support to managers andand service staff Sales staff (e.g. sales assistant, motor vehicle/ professionals Clerk (e.g. bookkeeper, bank clerk, post office clerk,caravan/parts salesperson, sales representative,Medical, science, architectural, building, surveying,statistical/actuarial clerk, accounts/claims/audit/checkout operator, cashier, bus/train conductor, ticket engineering, computer technician/associate professional payroll clerk, personnel records clerk, recording/seller, service station attendant, car rental desk staff,Health/social welfare (e.g. enrolled nurse, communityregistry/filing clerk, betting clerk, stores/inventorystreet vendor, telemarketer, sales demonstrator,health worker, paramedic/ambulance officer, massageclerk, purchasing/supply/logistics/order clerk, freight/shelf stacker)therapist, welfare/parole officer, youth worker, dentaltransport/shipping clerk/despatcher, bond clerk,Office staff (e.g. typist, word processing/data entry/ hygienist/technician) customs agent/clerk, customer inquiry/complaints/business machine operator, receptionist, office service clerk, hospital admissions clerk) assistant, general clerk)Law (e.g. police officer, prison officer, governmentOffice (e.g. secretary, personal assistant, desktopHospitality staff (e.g. hotel service supervisor, inspector, examiner or assessor, occupational/publishing operator, switchboard operator) receptionist, waiter, bar attendant, barista, environmental health officer, security advisor, Sales (e.g. company sales representative (goodskitchenhand, fast food cook, usher,private investigator, debt collector, law clerk, courtand services), auctioneer, insurance agent/assessor/porter, housekeeper)officer, bailiff) loss adjuster, market researcher, real estate agent) Assistant/aide (e.g. trades assistant, school/teachers Business/administration (e.g. recruitment/Carer (e.g. aged/disability/refuge/welfare supportaide, dental assistant, veterinary nurse, nursing employment/industrial relations/training officer,worker, child care assistant, nanny, nursing support) assistant, museum/gallery attendant, home helper, marketing/advertising specialist, market researchService (e.g. meter reader, parking inspector, postalsalon assistant, animal attendant)analyst, technical sales representative, retail buyer,worker, travel agent, tour guide, flight attendant, office/business manager, project manager/Labourers and related workersadministrator, mail supervisor, other managingfitness instructor, inspector, regulatory officer) Defence Forces (other ranks (below senior NCO) supervisor, management and organisation analyst,Occupation Group D: Machine operators, sales/office/service/ without trade qualification not included above)contract, program) hospitality staff, assistants, labourers and related workers Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishing, mining Defence Forces Drivers, mobile plant, production/processing machinery andworker (e.g. farm overseer, shearer, wool/hide(e.g. senior non-commissioned officer) other machinery operators classer, farm hand, horse trainer, nursery worker, Other (e.g. library assistant, museum/galleryDriver or mobile plant operator (e.g. car/taxi/truck/greenkeeper, gardener, tree surgeon, forestry/logging technician, research assistant, proofreader) bus/tram/train driver, driving instructor, courier/worker, miner, seafarer/fishing hand)Occupation Group C: Tradespeople, clerks and skilled office,deliverer, forklift driver, street sweeper driver,Other worker (e.g. labourer, factory hand, sales, carer and service staff garbage collector, bulldozer/loader/grader/excavatorstoreperson, guard, cleaner, caretaker, laundry Tradespeoplegenerally have completed a four-year tradeoperator, farm/horticulture/forestry machineryworker, trolley collector, car park attendant, crossing certificate, usually by apprenticeship. All tradespeople areoperator) supervisor, security office)included in this group. Production/processing machine operatorTrades (e.g. metal fitter/machinist, electrician, plumber, (e.g. engineering, chemical, petroleum, gas, water, welder, cabinet maker, carpenter, joiner, plasterer,sewerage, cement, plastics, rubber, textile, footwear, tiler, stonemason, painter, decorator, butcher, pastrywood, paper, glass, clay, stone, concrete, production/ cook, panel beater, fitter, toolmaker, aircraft engineer,processing machine operator)mechanic, chef/cook, hairdresser) Other Machine operator (e.g. photographic developer/ printer, industrial spray painter, boiler/air-conditioning/ refrigeration plant, railway signals/points, crane/hoist/lift/ bulk materials handling machinery, driller, miner)'