b'Collection of personal information 1.The school collects personal information, including sensitiveii.third-party service providers that provide onlineInformation Sharing Scheme (CISS) and the Family information about students and parents/guardians/carerseducational and assessment support services, documentViolence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) child and family members before and during the course of aand data management services, training and supportprotection and mandatory reporting laws.students enrolment at the school. This may be in writing,services, hosting services, and software-as-a-service7.The school is required by the Australian Education Regulation through technology systems or in the course ofapplicationsfor example, the Integrated Catholic Online2013 (Cth) and the Australian Education Act 2013 (Cth) (AE Act) to conversations and may be direct from the individual orNetwork (ICON), Google G Suite, and the Victoriancollect and disclose certain information to inform the Students with from another source. The primary purpose of collecting thisCurriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) Disability (SwD) loading via the NCCD. The school provides the information is to enable the school, Melbourne Archdioceseiii.MACS and the CECV to discharge responsibilities underrequired information at an individual student level to MACS and the Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS) and the Catholic Educationthe Australian Education Regulation 2013 and theCECV, as an approved authority. Approved authorities must comply Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) to meet educational,Australian Education Act 2013 (Cth) relating to visa with reporting, record-keeping and data quality assurance and administrative and duty of care responsibilities to thesub-classes, students with a disability, including auditaudit obligations under the AE Act. Student information provided to student to enable them to take part in all the activities of processes and Nationally Consistent Collection of Datathe federal government for the purpose of the NCCD does not the school. (NCCD) quality assurance processes.explicitly identify any student.2.Some of the information the school collects is to satisfyiv. MACS and the CECV to support the school by undertaking8.Personal information collected from students is regularly disclosed the schools legal obligations in relation to discharging its assessments of students for the purpose of educationalto their parents/guardians/carers.duty of care, and to satisfy the legal obligations of theprogramming or external providers of health services9.If a parent/guardian/carer makes an enrolment application to schools governing authority, MACS. such as counsellors, psychologists, school nursinganother school, personal information including health information 3.Laws governing or relating to the operation of a school services, dental vans. Specific consent is obtained toprovided during the application stage may be collected from, or require certain information to be collected and disclosed.collect and disclose sensitive information and healthshared with, the other school.These include relevant education Acts and public health andinformation if it is required as part of a service request,10. The school may disclose limited personal information to the school child protection and immigration laws. which may include release of relevant medical or alliedparish to facilitate religious and sacramental programs, and other 4.Health information about students, which includeshealth reports, educational planning and evaluationactivities such as fundraising.information about any disability as defined by the Disabilitydocuments such as personalised learning/behaviour/11. The school may engage in fundraising activities. Information Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth), is sensitive information withinmedical management plans received from parents/guardians/carers may be used to make an the terms of the Australian Privacy Principles under thev. MACS and the CECV to support the training of selectedappeal to the parent/guardian/carer. The information may be Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The school may require medicalstaff in the use of school systems, such as ICON anddisclosed to organisations that assist in the schools fundraising reports about students from time to time and may otherwiseROSAE activities solely for that purpose. The school will not disclose collect sensitive information about students and vi. another school to facilitate the transfer of a student personal information to third parties for marketing purposestheir families. vii.federal and state government departments and agencieswithout parent/guardian/carer consent.Consequences if information is not collectedacting on behalf of the government for compliance or12. On occasion, information such as academic and sporting 5.If any personal information requested by the school is notaudit purposes, or data collections, for example Februaryachievements, student activities and similar news is published in provided, the main consequences for the individual if all orand August census processes and census audits,school newsletters and magazines, on the school intranet and on the some of the personal information is not collected byNAPLAN, Australian Early Development Census school website. This may include photographs and videos of student the school, is that it may affect the schools ability to enrolviii. people and organisations providing instructional servicesactivities such as sporting events, school camps and school a student, respond to enquiries, provide the student withsuch as sports coaches, external training services, guestexcursions. The school will obtain permission from the students educational and support services or allow a person to visitspeakers, volunteers, counsellors and providers of learningparent/guardian/carer and from the student if appropriate, prior to the school.and teaching consultancy support and student assessmentpublication to enable the school to include such photographs Use and disclosure of personal informationservices or videos, or other identifying material, in the promotional material 6.The school may disclose personal and sensitive informationix.assessment and educational authorities, including the VCAAor otherwise make this material available to the public. The school for administrative, educational and student supportand the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reportingmay obtain permission annually, or as part of the enrolment purposes, or may permit the information to be directlyAuthority (ACARA) process. Permission obtained at enrolment may apply for the collected by third parties. Other entities, bodies or personsx. people providing administrative and financial services to theduration of the students enrolment at the school unless the to which the school usually discloses personal information ofschool school is notified otherwise. Annually, the school will remind the kind collected by the school include:xi. anyone parents/guardians/carers authorise the school toparents/guardians/carers to notify the school if they wish to vary i. school service providers such as MACS, the CECV,disclose information to the permission previously provided. The school may include student school governing bodies and other dioceses xii.anyone to whom the school is required or authorised tand parent/guardian/carer contact details in a class list anddisclose the information by law, including under the Childschool directory.'