b'authorised organisations and persons who support the CollegeSending and storing information overseasmembership, philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation or practices by providing consultative services or undertaking assessmentsEmmanuel College may disclose personal information about anor criminal record, that is also personal information; health for the purpose of educational programming or providers of healthindividual to overseas recipients, for instance, to facilitate a schoolinformation and biometric information about an individual.services such as counsellors, psychologists, nursing services,exchange or a student overseas tour. However, the College will notSensitive information will be used and disclosed only for the dental vans. Specific consent is obtained to collect and disclosesend personal information about an individual outside Australiapurpose for which it was provided or a directly related secondary this type of sensitive and health information as part of a servicewithout either: purpose, unless the parent/guardian/carer agrees otherwise, or the request which may include release of relevant medical or alliedobtaining the consent of the individual use or disclosure of the sensitive information is allowed by law.health reports, educational planning and evaluation documentsotherwise complying with the Australian Privacy Principles orManagement and security of personal information such as personalised learning/behaviour/medical managementother applicable privacy legislation. Emmanuel College staff are required to respect the confidentiality plansThe College may from time to time use the services of third-partyof students and parents/guardians/carers personal informationother third parties which the school uses to support or enhanceonline service providers (including for the delivery of services andand the privacy of individuals. the educational or pastoral care services for its students or tothird-party online applications, or apps relating to email, instant facilitate communications with parents/guardians/carers messaging and education and assessment, such as Google G SuiteThe College has in place steps to protect the personal informationsupport the training of selected staff in the use of the schoolsand Gmail) which may be accessible by the parent/guardian/carer.the College holds from misuse, interference and loss, unauthorised systems, such as ICON and ROSAE Some personal information, including sensitive information, may beaccess, modification or disclosure by use of various methodsanother school including to its teachers to facilitate the transfercollected and processed or stored by these providers in connectionincluding locked storage of paper records and password access of a student with these services. These online service providers may be locatedrights to computerised records. This includes responding to anyfederal and state government departments and/or agenciesin or outside Australia. incidents which may affect the security of the personal information engaged by them it holds. If the school assesses that anyone whose information ishealth service providers College personnel and the college service providers may have theaffected by such a breach is likely to suffer serious harm as arecipients of school publications, such as newsletters andability to access, monitor, use or disclose emails, communicationsresult, we will notify them and the Office of the Australian magazines (e.g. instant messaging), documents and associated administrativeInformation Commissioner of the breach. students/parents/guardians/carers and their emergency contacts data for the purposes of administering the system and servicesAccess and correction of personal informationassessment and educational authorities including the Victorianensuring their proper use. Under the Privacy Act and the Health Records Act, an individual Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and the AustralianEmmanuel College makes reasonable efforts to be satisfied abouthas the right to seek and obtain access to any personal information Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) the security of any personal information that may be collected,and health records respectively which the school holds about themanyone to whom the parent/guardian/carer authorises the schoolprocessed and stored outside Australia, in connection with anyand to advise the school of any perceived inaccuracy. Students will to disclose information cloud and third-party services and will endeavour to ensure thegenerally be able to access and update their personal informationanyone to whom the school is required or authorised to disclosecloud is located in countries with substantially similar protectionsthrough their parents/guardians/carers, but older students may the information by law, including under child protection andas the Australian Privacy Principles. seek access and correction themselves.information sharing laws.Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students withThe countries in which the servers of cloud service providers andThere are some exceptions to the access rights set out in the Disabilityother third-party service providers are located may include: applicable legislation.The College is required by the Australian Education Regulation 2013United States & America. To make a request to access or to update any personal information (Cth) and Australian Education Act 2013 (Cth) to collect and discloseWhere personal and sensitive information is retained by a cloudthe school holds about parents/guardians/carer or children,certain information to inform the Students with a Disability (SwD)service provider on behalf of the College to facilitate humanplease contact the principal or the school administration team loading via the NCCD. The school provides the required informationresources and staff administrative support, this information may beby telephone or in writing. The school may require verification at an individual student level to an approved authority. Approvedstored on servers located in or outside of Australia. of identity and specification of what information is required. Please trim on dotted lineauthorities must comply with reporting, record-keeping and dataOtherwise, it is not practicable to specify in this policy the countriesThe school may charge a fee to cover the cost of verifying the quality assurance obligations under the NCCD. Student informationin which overseas recipients of personal information are likely to beapplication and locating, retrieving, reviewing and copying any provided to the federal government for the purpose of the NCCDlocated. material requested.does not explicitly identify any student. If the information sought is extensive, the College will advise the How does the school treat sensitive information?likely cost in advance. If the College cannot provide access to that In referring to sensitive information, the school means: informationinformation, we will provide written notice explaining the reasons relating to a persons racial or ethnic origin, political opinions,for refusal. religion, trade union or other professional or trade association42'