b'IMPORTANT ENROLMENT INFORMATIONSCHOOL FEESEARLY SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT SCHOLARSHIPSchool fees are billed in the first week of Semester 1 (50%) A discount is offered to families paying school fees in Emmanuel College Scholarships areand Semester 2 (50%), payable by the last teaching day in one lump sum as per the dates indicated below. offered to Year 7 students for Year 9 - 12Term 1 and 3 respectively unless an instalment plan via $300 per student (payment in full by 28 February 2023)school fees. Brophy Scholarships forcredit card or direct debit has been set up for paymentstertiary undergraduate studies are also available. Please throughout the year. SIBLING DISCOUNTcontact the RegistrarTo assist families with the cost of education,for more information.APPLICATION FEEa discount is available where more than one child attends $125 per student (non-refundable) Payable at the time ofEmmanuel College. Please note that the following siblingYEAR 7 ENROLMENT 2025lodgement of an enrolment application. discounts will apply for 2023; Applications for Year 7, close on 18 August, 2023.2 ndstudent - 15% discount will apply to the second childsOffers posted to families on 20 October, 2023.ENROLMENT FEEtuition fees.$350 per student (non-refundable) rd For successful applicants, the confirmation form must be This non-refundable fee is payable to the College at the 3student - 20% discount will apply to the third childsreturned to the College with a $350 enrolment fee bytime a confirmed enrolment is accepted by a family.tuition fees. Friday 10 November, 2023.The fee is only refundable in the event that the College 4 thor more student(s) - 50% discount will apply to the fourthPlease note: if the current NAPLAN submitted is the Grade 3 has to subsequently withdraw an offer of enrolment. and subsequent childs tuition fees. outcome, the Grade 5 NAPLAN will be required as partExample: If you have four children attending the College, of any acceptance of enrolment.CHARTER BUS FEES only the fourth child (youngest child) will receive a 50% Year 7-10$630 discount on their tuition fee.Year 11-12$480 Note: The fee information is for 2023, with 2024 fees to be VCAL$320 LATE FEE PAYMENTratified in December 2023.$50 charge will be applied per child for outstanding Semester 1 fees if payment has not been received by the end of Term 1.$50 charge will be applied per child for outstanding Semester 2 fees if payment has not been received by the end of Term 3.LAPTOP PROGRAMYear 7-12 students are required to participatein our technology program.'